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American Cinematographer Magazine

The Art Of Making Cinema Begins With Cinematography

American Cinematographer magazine, initiated by the American Society of Cinematographers is a comprehensive exploration of all the aspects in the world of filmmaking. This film magazine gives an insight regarding the production processes, creative elements adopted in cinematography, and the innovative technologies that shape the film industry. The in-depth interviews with cinematographers, directors, and other filmmakers provide detailed backstories regarding the production of renowned movies.

American cinematographer magazine publishes 12 issues each year. All the subscriptions will end automatically and will not be renewed unless you choose to.


  • Focuses on all the elements of the film industry.
  • Reports on the process of both domestic and foreign production features.
  • Source for short movies, television productions and commercials.
  • Gives prominence to historical features.
  • Articles emphasize the technologies and tools that affect the cinematography.


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The magazine for the fan of cinematography or a look behind the scenes of Hollywood productions. Contains extensive interviews and The latest film technology.

Very nice to be able to physically browse through, and although it is an American magazine it is delivered shortly after publication.

Translated from Dutch. Original review:

Hét tijdschrift voor de fan van cinematografie of een blik achter de schermen van Hollywood producties. Bevat uitgebreide interviews en De nieuwste film technologie.

Zeer prettig om fysiek doorheen te kunnen bladeren, en aangezien het een Amerikaanse publicatie bevat, om toch op deze manier snel op de deurmat te krijgen.

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