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What Van Magazine
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What Van Magazine è una rivista inglese e viene pubblicata 11 volte l’anno. Il prezzo dell’abbonamento annuale include la spedizione in Italia e in Svizzera.

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What Van? Magazine brings the very best of van information guides for every buyer and user of the vans. The vans probably are the most under estimated and appreciated vehicle. The vans may not be as hugely sized as a truck or may not be as diverse as a car.

What Van? Magazine would feature the various vans in a detailed way to make you realize the true power and versatility of van to be the most useful vehicle.

Whether you drive a van to your work or use it as a general utility vehicle, the magazine would have contents to have maximum output from the van.

It extensively covers a large list of various models of vans along with their technical and operational specifications and pricing in every monthly issue.

It is almost like having the entire van market in your hands where you can directly compare and select the suitable van for your purpose and budget that too in the comfort of your home.

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